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    PR:BF2 v1.4.13.0 Changelog (2017/July/12)


    • Added !givelead [player] chat command, to give squad lead to a player. Only works if player is in your squad and you are squad leader.
    • 增加 !givelead[玩家名称],这个命令可以把小队长移交给另一名同队的队员,前提是OP是队长
    • Added !rp [player] [reason] or !reportplayer [player] [reason]. Will report [player] to the admins for [reason], as the old !r used to.
    • 增加 !rp[玩家名称][原因]或者 !reportplayer[玩家名称][原因],将会向OP举报,以前经常用 !r
    • Updated !report [message] chat commands to now send only [message] to the admins online.
    • !report[消息]现在仅仅向OP报告一些内容,!rp是向OP举报他人,两者有区别。
    • Updated admin commands to be case insensitive.
    • OP命令不再区分大小写。


    • Updated handheld weapon damage system to be the old values from before v1.4.8.0.
    • 武器伤害机制从v1.4.8.0回到旧机制
    • Fixed C7A1 sounds.
    • 修复C7A1的音效
    • Fixed M4 3p sounds being inconsistent.
    • 修复M4第三人称音效和第一人称音效不一样的问题。
    • Fixed Dutch MINIMI not having deviation indicator.
    • 修复荷兰米尼米轻机枪没有武器偏差效果。(武器偏差效果指的是,瞄准时转向准星不在屏幕中心点上而是偏向某个方向。也包含音效、弹道等)
    • Fixed Dutch MINIMI 3p animations.
    • 修复荷兰米尼米轻机枪第三人称动画效果。


    • Added 80mm frag to Leclerc and VBCI smoke launchers through the Galix system.
    • 法军的勒克莱尔和VBCI步战车的烟幕弹发射器可以发射80毫米榴弹
    • Added new variants of thermal blocking smoke to vehicles differing by varying in time transparency and specific tints in thermals.
    • 载具的热烟现在会随着时间改变烟幕的透明度以及随着烟幕的消散改变烟幕颜色。
    • Updated all vehicles by removing smoke counter measures from driver position if launchers direction controlled by gunn