PR:BF2 v1.4.0.0 更新日志



    -26.11.2016 09:45 AM

    After more than a year since our last release, it's finally time for the next version of Project Reality: BF2 - v1.4!


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    This update brings several new features and additional content such as the Falklands Theater addition, 3 new maps, dozens of new weapons and vehicles, various new and updated content and countless improvements, bug fixes and tweaks across all areas of the game. To get some more information read the release announcement here.


    We plan to release PR:BF2 v1.4 this weekend, but unforeseen complications could delay it further. Stay tuned to our forum for more information, media, and of course the release. The wait is almost over!


    PR:BF2 v1.4.0.0 Changelog (2016/November/X) PR:BF2 v1.4.0.0 更新日志(2016/Nov./X)

    KEY FEATURES: 主要更新
    • Added British and Argentinian Factions based on the 1982 Falklands War.
    • 新增1982年马岛战争中的英军及阿根廷阵营。
    • Added Bren L4A4 LMG, L42A1 Rifle, L2A3 Sterling SMG, FMK1 AP & FMK-3 AT Mines.
    • 新增 Bren L4A4 轻机枪,L42A1步枪,L2A3冲锋枪,FMK1 反步兵地雷& FMK-3 反坦克地雷
    • Added Tigercat SAM and Rheinmetall 20mm AAA.
    • 新增 虎猫地空导弹和莱茵金属 20mm 自走高炮
    • Added A-4 Series, Mirage IIIEA, IAI Dagger, Sea Harrier FRS.1 & Harrier GR.3 aircraft.
    • 新增 空中单位,A-4攻击机, 幻影 IIIEA, IAI Dagger, 海鹞 FRS.1 & 鹞式 GR.3
    • Added IDF M163 AAV, T-72B & T-72S tank.
    • 新增 以色列国防军M163 AAV,T-72B & T-72S 主战坦克
    • Added Goose Green (2x2km) and The Falklands (8x8km) levels for the Falklands Theater.
    • 新增 古斯格林(2x2km)和 马岛(8x8km))地图
    • Added Bamyan (4x4km), Afghanistan based level.
    • 新增 一张新的阿富汗地图 巴米杨(4x4km)
    • Added muzzle flashes for night maps.
    • 新增 在夜晚地图有枪口火焰特效
    • Updated many vehicle physics models to fix exploits and improve armor definition.
    • 更新 更新了一些载具的物理模型并修复一些装甲受到的攻击伤害出现异常的情况
    • Updated tank damage model to in general increase front armor but make rear/side armor weaker.
    • 更新 坦克正面所能受到的伤害比之前提高,但是侧/后面所能承受的伤害降低
    • Updated aircraft flight model for flight and landing/take-off.
    • 更新 更新空中单位飞行和起飞/着陆的模型
    • Updated Al-Basrah, Beirut, Gaza, Assault on Grozny, Kozelsk & Wanda Shan levels significantly.
    • 更新 Al-Basrah, Beirut, Gaza, Assault on Grozny, Kozelsk & Wanda Shan 这些地图
    • Updated PR's gameplay programming library Python to v2.7.12. Rewritten a large part of the code-base to remove bugs and increase performance.
    • 更新 将PR的游戏编程库 Python 升级至V2.7.12.重写了之中大部分代码,以消除游戏中存在的错误并大幅提升游戏性能

    • Updated ragdoll physics by Furrealz_x22.
    • 更新 使用Furrealz_x22 更新了人物的纸牌娃娃模型
    • Updated deploying of assets to make sure there are no enemies around to prevent exploiting.
    • 更新 部署工事时必须保证周围没有敌人才可以部署
    • Updated deploying of assets by not being able to be placed within 5m radius around a weapon cache.
    • 更新 工事将不能部署在弹药库5M内(不能使用垃圾堆挡弹药库了)
    • Updated capturing flags by making attackers unable to hold a flag as soon as they lose the 2-1 ratio.
    • 更新 当进攻方旗点内兵力与防守方兵力相比少于2:1时将不能卡住旗
    • Updated FOB and outpost overrunning distances to be 10m with 1 enemy close, 50m with 2 enemies,100m with 4 enemies and 150m 8 enemies.
    • 更新 当距离前哨10M内有一名敌人,50M内有两名敌人,100M内有4名敌人,150M内有8名敌人时,前哨将无法复活
    • Updated FOB and outpost to be disabled for 30s after being overrun and only become active 90s after being build.
    • 更新 前哨附近的敌人离开30S后才可以重生,前哨建成90S后才可以重生
    • Updated insurgency gamemode by removing spawnpoints from unknown caches.
    • 更新 弹药库模式下移除了暴民在未暴露弹药库的重生点
    • Updated insurgency gamemode by making spawning as civilian medic considered helping the insurgency.
    • 更新 在弹药库模式下,平民使用医疗会被认定为暴民
    • Updated insurgency gamemode by making civilians considered helping the insurgency using the shovel or deploying assets.
    • 更新 在弹药库模式下,平民帮助暴民部署工事和使用铲子都将被视为暴民
    • Updated insurgency gamemode by making intelligence capped between -50 and +50.
    • 更新 弹药库模式下,将情报点的获取/丧失范围设置在了-50到+50间
    • Updated re-arm speed on weapon caches to be 3 times as slow.
    • 更新 将弹药库重新补给弹药的速度减慢3倍
    • Updated repair drop to disappear after it has repaired 200% of damage. It can also take damage from small arms.
    • 更新 维修气瓶将在维修满200%后消失,并且维修气瓶可以受到轻武器的攻击而损坏
    • Updated UAV to have 2x magnification as minimum. This makes it harder to spot everything.
    • 更新 UAV的最小放大倍率将设置为2x放大,这将使得更难发现敌人
    • Updated the repair drop to explode on contact with water.
    • 更新 维修气瓶遇到水时会发生爆炸
    • Fixed roadblocks being too easy to destroy.
    • 修复 路障过于容易被摧毁的问题
    • Fixed wounded soldiers, pilots and UAV being sometimes able to cap flags.
    • 修复 地面步兵单位/驾驶员/飞行员在重伤情况下以及UAV能卡到旗的问题
    • Fixed the battlerecorder screen freezing
    • 修复 .战役记录器有时会卡屏的问题
    • Fixed blufor forces being able to use some pickup kits.
    • 修复 正规军可以正常使用暴民装备的问题
    • Fixed the blood screen, overheat bars, spawn screen appearing in the battlerecorder.
    • 修复 战役记录器中出现血屏,过热指示器,重生界面的问题
    • Fixed the blood screen not vanishing in the spawn screen.
    • 修复 当出线重生界面时血屏不消失的问题
    • Fixed the overlapping 'Give Up' button on the scoreboard.
    • 修复 “重生”按钮与记分牌重叠的问题
    • Fixed many issues causing map markers to not show.
    • 修复 导致地图标记不显示的许多问题
    • Fixed parachute having a large collision mesh against vehicles.
    • 修复 降落伞对载具具有碰撞模型的问题
    • Fixed the exploit where the repair drop has infinity ammo.
    • 修复 补给卡具有无限维修气瓶的问题

    • Added prone fire-delay.
    • 增加 趴下后具有开火延迟
    • Updated python version to 2.7.12 from 2.3.4.
    • 更新 将Python语言库版本从2.7.12更新至2.3.4
    • Fixed mumble not working if player had certain characters in his tag.
    • 修复 当玩家名称中具有特殊字符时Mumble无法正常工作的问题
    • Improved PRLauncher resilience against avoiding validation:
    • 增强 PR登录器防御免验证游戏客户端文件/后台的能力
    o Improved checks against modifying data after launch.
    o 增强对启动后修改游戏数据的检测能力
    o Removed ability to use symlinks to bf2.exe.
    o 移除使用特定代码链接到BF2.exe的功能
    o Removed ability to play if validation fails.
    o 移除当验证失败时可以正常启动游戏的功能
    o Removed option to join by IP when using pr_* mods as it allowed joining regular pr games.
    o 移除PR的子mod使用IP直连的功能,避免加入原版服务器

    • Added new USMC variation with less scopes.
    • 增加 新的美国海军陆战队子单位
    • Added US Army Division patches to soldier textures.
    • 增加 美国陆军士兵的纹理补丁
    • Added new Scorpion W2 camo for US Army. (On Khamisiyah and Kashan Desert).
    • 增加 在Khamisiyah和Kashan Desert 中美国陆军将使用W2天蝎迷彩
    • Added deployable Mistral AA to French forces.
    • 增加 为法国军队新增西北风式固定防空平台
    • Added deployable Milan MIRA to French and German forces.
    • 增加 为法国和德国军队增加 Milan MIRA

    • Added the Obrez to the Militia Officer Alt.
    • 增加 为叛军军官副装备添加莫辛纳干卡宾枪版
    • Added the AK-74 PGO-7 to Militia Engineer and Taliban Rifleman AP.
    • 增加 为叛军战斗工兵和塔利班的反人员步兵增加带PGO-7瞄准镜的AK74
    • Added SKS with PU scope to ARF Spotter (STG-44 moved to alt) and Militia Rifleman AP.
    • 增加 为ARF观测手(STG-44移动至附属装备选项)以及叛军反人员步兵增加带PU光瞄的SKS
    • Added the M4 with Mepro classic sight to IDF Ziptie Rifleman AP, Anti-Air and Medic.
    • 增加 为以色列国防军的反人员步兵,防空兵和医疗兵添加带有Mepro光瞄的M4
    • Added the RPG-7V2 to the new alternative MEC Rifleman AT kit.
    • 增加 为中东联合军的轻型反载具步兵添加RPG-7V2装备
    • Added PM md.63 to Iraqi Insurgents Officer Alt, Militia Rifleman AT and Syrian Rebel breacher.
    • 增加 为伊拉克暴民军官副装,叛军反载具步兵和叙利亚反抗军添加PM md.63
    • Added the M16A2E3 DMR with ACOG to IDF marksman.
    • 增加 为以色列国防军添加带有ACOG光瞄的M16A2E3型精确射手步枪
    • Added AKM with GP-25 to Syrian Rebel, ARF alt, Militia alt, Taliban Grenadier.
    • 增加 为叙利亚反抗军榴弹兵,ARF榴弹兵副装,叛军榴弹兵副装,塔利班榴弹兵添加带有GP-25榴弹发射器的AKM
    • Added Type 56 to ARF Rifleman AP, NVA Grenadier, Rifleman and Spotter, Syrian Rebel Rifleman alt and Taliban breacher.
    • 增加 为ARF反人员步兵,越南榴弹兵,步兵和观测手,叙利亚反叛军步兵副装以及塔利班特种兵增加56式突击步枪
    • Added Type 56-1 to ARF Anti-Air, Hamas Anti-Air and Rifleman AP, Iraqi Insurgent, Syrian Rebel Anti-Air and Rifleman AP alt.
    • 增加 为ARF防空兵,哈马斯防空兵及反人员步兵,伊拉克暴民,叙利亚反抗军防空兵和反人员步兵副装增加56-1式突击步枪
    • Updated Russian Spotter on less scoped faction variant with scoped AK.
    • 更新 将俄军观测手在少量光瞄版本中变更为带光瞄的AK
    • Updated Militia Spotter alt with AK-47.
    • 更新 叛军观测手副装变更为AK-47
    • Updated Militia Sniper with SSG-69. Mosin was moved to alt.
    • 更新 为叛军狙击手主装武器变更为SSG-69,莫辛纳干移动至副装
    • Updated Engineer class by now having the repair kit in place of the shovel. The repair kit can now also build deployables same as shovel.
    • 更新 将战斗工兵工兵铲一栏新增维修工具包,维修工具包可像工兵铲一样维修工事
    • Updated Rifleman AP class by adding 2 grenades.
    • 更新 反人员步兵新增两颗手雷
    • Fixed the AK Knives that was missing in the Taliban Anti-Air, Anti-Tank and Engineer Alternative kits.
    • 修复 塔利班防空兵,反坦克步兵和战斗工兵缺少AK刺刀的问题

    • Added new rocket technical reload sounds.
    • 增加 为火箭添加新的装弹音效
    • Updated grappling hook sound distance to be heard 50m away.
    • 更新 将甩钩子所能听到的声音延长至50M

    • Added back night muzzle flashes with many new additions.
    • 增加 为夜晚时的枪口火焰增加新的特效
    • Added new grenade fuze effects. When thrown, older grenade designs (F1, RGD-5, Type 67) pop and make noise while emitting smoke, but modern ones are smokeless and almost inaudible.
    • 增加 为手雷增加引信效果。当扔出时,老式手雷(F1,RGD-5 Type 67)落地时将发出引信触发的声音并伴有烟雾,但是现代手雷只有少量掩护并且几乎没声音
    • Added dynamic lighting to the flaregun round and gave it a smoke effect.
    • 增加 为信号弹周围新增动态光源并且让它拥有烟雾特效
    • Updated the flamethrower effect; reduced the size of the flame, now causes the ground to ignite
    • 更新 为燃烧弹增加特效;减小火焰燃烧特效,并且地面将会被火焰特效所覆盖
    • Updated TOW missile effect to have no more smoke trail.
    • 更新 陶氏导弹将不再有导弹烟雾轨迹
    • Updated the tripflare effect's colour to be less bright.
    • 更新 减小烟火拌雷的特效范围

    • Added Japanese translation by ltakesh.
    • Updated Polish translation by DDeo.
    • Updated Spanish translation by Leg-Ion.
    • Fixed various typos and updated various lines.

    For community members to assist in translations, please visit

    • Added a few new statics and new variations for new and old reworked maps.
    • Updated many statics with collision issues and exploits.
    • Updated many statics that disappeared too soon or caused occlusion issues.

    • Added A-4B, A-4C, A-4Q jet aircraft.
    • Added Mirage IIIEA jet aircraft.
    • Added IAI Dagger jet aircraft.
    • Added Sea Harrier FRS.1 and Harrier GE.3 jet aircraft.
    • Added T-72B and T-72S.
    • Added IDF M163 VADS.
    • Added Argentinian Volkswagen Type 1 (Placeholder for type 2).
    • Added logistics technical variant for Hamas with 1 light supply crate.
    • Added british vehicles with Slate RPG cage.
    • Added '82 British and '82 Argentine textured variants of existing vehicles.
    • Added a new vehicle overview hud for Vans to replace the placeholder car one.
    • Updated collision meshes on many vehicles to fix exploitable materials and improve definition of armor (Front, Top, Side, Rear).
    • Updated camera of vehicle positions by removing or adding the thermal vision based on real life characteristic.
    • Updated flight model on all jet aircraft to use one flight model per jet type. Later variations based on R/L parameters will be added more.
    • Updated the chance of your vehicle becoming disabled so it will happen more easily.
    • Updated PBR to enable ducking on the guns.
    • Updated the bomb car/truck vehicle selection hud, can now switch between unarmed (Horn) and armed (C4 Detonator).
    • Updated all aircrafts to have no more navigation lights, which they don't use during combat.
    • Updated FV101 Scorpion to now have HESH rounds instead of APSD Rounds.
    • Updated Stormer and Tunguska to have SACLOS missiles.
    • Updated vehicle tracers to be red or green, no longer white.
    • Updated CAS helicopters by not showing heat markers on HUD.
    • Updated rate of fire by increasing it on AH-1z and EC-635.
    • Updated damage of big projectiles bigger than 20mm to Hind.
    • Updated vehicle squad menu and minimap icons.
    • Updated LAV-25 gunner sight to use the T on top as boresight.
    • Updated Stormer HVM missile by reducing the recoil significantly.
    • Updated lasing from choppers to make it easier.
    • Updated Su-34 to have thermals for co-pilot.
    • Updated GLATGM to have more recoil.
    • Updated vietnam helicopters to have no hud. They have help indicators however that simulate the panels.
    • Updated ZSL-92 to use 25x137mm (Same as Bushmaster) and ZSL-92B and Type 86 to 30x165mm (Same as BMP).
    • Updated the Merlin with more seats and slightly better collision physics.
    • Updated physics mesh on Landrover to take less damage while driving.
    • Updated Z-10 to fire .57 cal and increased its RPM to 900.
    • Updated old MEC T-72M1 to T-72M. reduced front armor and also removed thermals.
    • Updated AAV vehicles by removing optics for drivers.
    • Updated Merkava to have less HP.
    • Updated boats to have reduced speed when going backwards.
    • Updated all aircraft HUDS to not show lock warning as it shows lock earlier than the sound.
    • Updated Mi-24 gunner optics.
    • Updated BMP-2 overheat to be about half.
    • Updated AHE cannon damage vs vehicles by increasing it.
    • Fixed (hopefully) flare bug.
    • Fixed BMP-2 not having ammo boxes.
    • Fixed hellfire not doing damage against certain material types.
    • Fixed the logistic truck's door sounds being heard from a long distance.
    • Fixed the OH-6 Cayuse hud showing the flare text.
    • Fixed the M67's flamethrower effect not being visible for other players.
    • Fixed the Honda CB500 motorbike being unable to be set upright.
    • Fixed the lag on the motorbikes.
    • Fixed the exit positions of the motorbikes.
    • Fixed the look around key not working on the motorbikes.
    • Fixed Fennek having weird box on gun turret model.
    • Fixed UAZ camera shaking when driving.
    • Fixed Merkava gunner not having smoke.
    • Fixed muzzle effect showing early on WZ550, Spandrel and Shturm.
    • Fixed BMP-2 coax barrel shaking.
    • Fixed USMC CAS Huey shooting too low.
    • Fixed all the Skyraider free look cameras.
    • Fixed the ZU-23-2 overheat sound.
    • Fixed smoke cutting out on jets.
    • Fixed A-1H, A-4C, MiG-29, and Su-27 not seeing lasers on RADAR OFF.
    • Fixed technical SPG gunner not having a vehicle icon in the squad menu.
    • Fixed the M67 'Zippo' tank's flamethrower not damaging players enough, reduced damage to vehicles.
    • Fixed jets that were having double lock marker, seeing lases on AA, not seeing lases on unguided weapons.
    • Fixed the A-10A Thunderbolt II cannon sometimes causing a player crash (hopefully).
    • Fixed M67 'Zippo' tank's overheat sounds and added missing auto-fire.
    • Fixed BMP-2 right track not moving.
    • Fixed Boragh right track not moving.
    • Fixed Fuchs having top armor stronger than its side armor.
    • Fixed BMP-1 and BMP-2 never getting disabled.
    • Fixed Coyote and Boragh ticket cost to now be the same to similar vehicles.
    • Fixed being unable to request kits from MEC BTR 80.
    • Fixed direction player is facing when exiting on many vehicles.
    • Fixed exit positions that spawn the player in front of the vehicle.
    • Fixed the door open/close sound effect volume by reducing it.
    • Fixed the bomb car/truck's ammo counter.
    • Fixed the ammo indicator not working in passenger seats.
    • Fixed the British transport truck burning faster and earlier than other trucks.
    • Fixed the French NH90, AH-6 Littlebird rotor and British Apache rotor collision.
    • Fixed the camera clipping on the RHIB with MG3.
    • Fixed Su-30 and Su-34 crosshair being off center.
    • Fixed the 9M14 to have the correct missile reload sound on the Type 86, ZSL-92 30mm, and BMP-1.
    • Fixed hydra rockets not working on UH1C.
    • Fixed BTR-60 being prone to flipping.

    • Added Bren L4A4 LMG.
    • Added L2A3 Sterling SMG.
    • Added L42A1 Sniper Rifle.
    • Added FMK-1 AP & FMK-3 AT Mines.
    • Added L1A1 with with L2A2 SUIT Sight.
    • Added Tigercat SAM.
    • Added Blowpipe Handheld AA.
    • Added Rheinmetall 20mm AAA.
    • Added deployable Mistral AA.
    • Added deployable Milan MIRA AT.
    • Added Mk17 1000lb GPB.
    • Added Mk82 "Snakeye" 500lb Retarded Bomb.
    • Added Matra R.550 'Magic 1' Air to Air Missile.
    • Added AM-39 Exocet.
    • Added M1918BAR (placeholder for FN FAP LMG).
    • Added AKM with GP-25 Grenade Launcher.
    • Added MP7 with ironsights.
    • Added Obrez.
    • Added SKS with PU-Scope.
    • Added AK-74 variant with PGO-7 Scope.
    • Added M16A2E3 with ACOG.
    • Added Type-56; Chinese version of AK by M111.
    • Added MD63, romanian AKM variant by M111.
    • Added M4 with Mepro Classic sight by M111.
    • Updated UGL/AGL by increasing its accuracy.
    • Updated SMAW by adding Zero-ing with adjustable sights and making spotting rifle have less recoil.
    • Updated Mk19 and AG30 to be more accurate.
    • Updated mk19 damage vs weak APC's.
    • Updated damage from LAT vs light vehicles to be slightly higher.
    • Updated elevation on HJ-8 to +13 and depression on TOW to -20.
    • Updated Matador HAT to use rangefinder and adjustable sights.
    • Updated rate of fire on ZPU-4 and ZU-23-2 by increasing it.
    • Updated Starstreak and SA-19 to have minimal spin.
    • Updated binoculars to have less zoom. Reduced officer binoculars to 8x and normal to 6x (From 10x).
    • Updated all unguided AT weapons to be be accurate, especially when prone.
    • Updated all mines to now be sunken into the ground.
    • Updated S8 Rocket to now have realistic model instead of Hydra-70 as placeholder.
    • Updated AAA projectile damage by increasing it.
    • Updated LAW reload to start with no delay.
    • Updated damage from ATGM vs tank front to around 25%, damage from LAT to side to around 25% and damage from HEAT to side to around 50%.
    • Updated mounted GPMGs to work with delay to use.
    • Updated splash damage of S5, S8, HF-7D, HF-25 and Hydra 70 by increasing it.
    • Updated RPK series with new model and textures made by M111.
    • Updated Water Container IEDs to be able to be disabled with the repair kit.
    • Updated the Artillery IED firing animation to be played longer, and added the dig sound.
    • Updated claymores by now being retrievable with the shovel.
    • Updated AAA and SPAAA deviation so that the more you fire the weapon, the more inaccurate they become until you stop firing and let the weapon settle.
    • Updated recoil for some DMRs and LMGs to compare better to their assault rifle counterparts.
    • Updated AA missile physics and targeting. Should follow initial target more likely and do less retarded turns (includes air-to-air).
    • Updated recoil on pistols to be lower.
    • Updated accuracy of .50 cals to be more accurate than handheld GPMGs.
    • Updated L86 recoil by reducing it.
    • Updated the Lee Enfield series with thinner scope reticle.
    • Updated SRAAM to have lock angle of 30.
    • Updated weapon overheating system to be based on caliber, barrel count and fire-rate for land vehicle and stationary weapons.
    • Updated stones by reducing throwing distance.
    • Updated damage of water container IED. Deals less damage vs. heavy vehicles, same against light vehicles, and more against infantry.
    • Updated gravity on AA missiles to make them worse unguided.
    • Updated AA missiles to have gravity so they start dropping during acceleration.
    • Fixed buckshot making players often dead (Not wounded).
    • Fixed bouncing bettys detonating even when crawling past them.
    • Fixed stutter when aiming down sights for non-scoped and BUIS weapons.
    • Fixed the MEC deployable tripod camera clipping when fired in aiming mode.
    • Fixed certain smoke grenades not having the smoke grenade comma rose.
    • Fixed the Dutch Medical dressing, ziptie not having prone sounds.
    • Fixed the excess TOW missile spin.
    • Fixed mortars not dealing damage to roadblocks.
    • Fixed issues with Taliban scoped G3.
    • Fixed some DMRs having too little recoil.
    • Fixed reload time on deployed RPKs.
    • Fixed C6 belt count from 6 to 4 like other MMGs.
    • Fixed AA missile materials sometimes having wrong material assigned.
    • Fixed the Chinese PF98 Anti-Tank's missing reload sound.
    • Fixed some hand grenades reloading twice when selecting the weapon.
    • Fixed the M16A2 DMR rifle not sharing the same ammo as the deployed version.
    • Fixed the deviation indicator on many weapons.
    • Fixed AK-47 recoil to compare more sensibly with full-caliber 7.62 rifles.
    • Fixed 7.62x54 sniper damage to match 7.62x51.
    • Fixed S5/Hydra not showing in 3p.
    • Fixed Enfield sniper rifle damage being lower than other sniper rifles.
    • Fixed ammunition counter on a variety of weapons (also in vehicles).


    • General:
    o Added Goose Green (2x2 km) - GB '82 vs Arg '82 - AAS, Skirmish, COOP.
    o Added The Falklands (8x8 km) - GB '82 vs Arg '82 - AAS, Skirmish, VW.
    o Added Bamyan (4x4 km) - MEC/Taliban vs US Army/USMC - AAS, Insurgency, Skirmish, COOP.
    o Added night muzzle flashes back to night layers.
    o Added new alternative map layers to several maps to introduce new ways to play them.
    o Updated Gaza with full rework - IDF vs Hamas - AAS, Insurgency, Skirmish, COOP.
    o Updated or made brand new layers to increase win-ratio and gameplay balance on most maps.
    o Updated all maps to each have unique loading music. Many older music added back from previous PR:BF2releases.
    o Updated all AAS128 (Large) layers to have approximately 150% of AAS64 tickets so allow for longer rounds. (Previously was 200%).
    o Fixed various smaller issues with floating statics, missing statics, broken lightmaps etc...

    • Al Basrah
    o Added map-update by TeRR0R.
    o INS:Replaced GB Logistics truck, warrior and scimitar with caged version where applicable.
    o INS32:Added new alternative layout with Insurgent base being on Southern Mansion.
    o Updated COOP layers.

    • Asad Khal
    o AAS16:Increased Hamas tickets by 100, decreased IDF tickets by 50.
    o AAS64: Increased IDF tickets by 50, decreased MEC tickets by 50.

    • Assault on Grozny
    o Rework of entire map.
    o AAS: Added all new routes.
    o COOP16: Fixed missing vehicle depots.

    • Assault on Mestia
    o AAS: Fixed mortars.

    • Battle of Ia Drang
    o Added COOP support.

    • Beirut
    o Rework of entire map.
    o AAS32: Replaced Havoc by Mi-24 Light, replaced M113 with Namer (900s spawn with delay).
    o AAS64: Updated tickets to 700 for each team. (Before it was 150 tickets more for IDF).

    • Bijar Canyons
    o Replaced all Avengers with the new IDF M163 AAV on all layers.
    o AAS32/CNC64: Replaced T-72M1 with T-72S.
    o AAS64: Added one additional M163 AAV to IDF. Added spawn delay to one Namer and one BMP-3. Replaced T-72M with T-72S1.

    • Black Gold
    o COOP32: Added vehicle depot to Militia.
    o INS64: Updated amount of caches from 6 to 3. Removed cache spawns in the tunnel.
    o INS: Fixed mortar dome being there on Russian Airbase.

    • Burning Sands
    o Removed re-supply objects from Domestic Airport.
    o AAS: Added artillery to both teams.
    o AAS64: Replaced T-72M1 with T-72S1.

    • Dovre
    o AAS16: Increased NL tickets by 100.
    o AAS32: Increased NL tickets by 50. Made Boxer not spawn delayed.
    o AAS64: Lowered RU tickets by 50, increased NL tickets by 50. Made one Fennek spawn not delayed.

    • Dovre Winter
    o AAS16: Increased RU tickets by 50.
    o AAS32: Decreased GER tickets by 50, increased RU tickets by 50.
    o AAS64: Decreased GER tickets by 50, increased RU tickets by 50.

    • Dragon Fly
    o INS: Replaced GB Logistics truck, warrior and scimitar with caged version where applicable.
    o INS16: Lowered cache amount to 2 (from 4). Removed one logistics truck from Militia.
    o INS64: Increased tickets of GB by 50 (from 550), lowered cache amount to 3 (from 5). Removed one Militia logistics truck.
    o AAS64: Updated the T-62 double spawner to separate spawns. The second spawns at start and doesn't respawn.

    • Fallujah West
    o Fixed various terrain issues.
    o INS16: Lowered cache amount to 3 (from 4) and US tickets to 450 (from 600).
    o INS32: New alternative INS layer with a tank. Removed one bomb truck from Insurgents compared to INS64.
    o INS64: Lowered cache amount to 4 (from 5).

    • Fools Road
    o AAS32: Removed GB Scimitar, placed spawn delay for one GB Warrior. Lowered MIL BMP-1 spawns to 10m from 15m.

    • Hades Peak
    o Fixed combat areas not working on AAS and CNC.
    o AAS64:Replaced Russian MT-LB with BTR-80. Increased RU tickets by 50. Added GB chinook (with spawn delay).
    o AAS32: Removed Apache and replaced with Transport Lynx.

    • Hill 488
    o Removed AAS32 due to unpopularity.

    • Iron Ridge
    o INS64: Lowered cache amount from 5 to 4.
    o AAS16: Increased Militia tickets by 100.
    o AAS64: Increased Militia tickets by 50, put spawn delay on BTR-80A.

    • Jabal
    o AAS32: Added new alternative layer.

    • Karbala
    o INS32: Lowered cache amount from 6 to 3.

    • Kashan Desert
    o Added COOP Support.
    o AAS: Replaced T-72M1 with T-72S1.
    o CNC: Replaced all T-72M1 with T-72S1.
    o VW64: Replaced all T-72M1 with T-72S.

    • Khamisiyah
    o Removed 16 and 32 insurgency layers.
    o Removed ability of air repairstation near US runway of repairing jets.
    o AAS32: Replaced 2 T-72M1 with T-72S1 and 1 with T-72S.
    o AAS64/128: Replaced all 3 T-72M1 with T-72S1.

    • Kokan
    o INS16: Lowered cache amount to 3 (from 5) and US tickets from 500 to 450.
    o INS32: Lowered cache amount to 4 (from 5).
    o INS64: Lowered cache amount to 4 (from 5) and increased US tickets to 600 (from 550).

    • Korengal
    o INS16: Replaced this layer with new one.
    o INS32/64: Replaced one humvee with a Stryker (10m spawn, no delay). Lowered tickets of US on both layers to 650 (from 700) and lowered cache amount to 3 (from 4). INS16: Lowered US tickets to 500 (from 700) and lowered cache amount to 2 (from 4).
    o AAS64: Updated entire layer.

    • Kozelsk
    o Rework of entire map, including GPO's.

    • Lashkar Valley
    o INS16: Removed one cache (from 4).
    o INS64: Removed one bomb car and ZU-23-2 truck. Lowered cache amount to 4 and increased GER tickets by 100 (from 550).

    • Nuijamaa
    o Skirmish: Fixed rounds ending early

    • Operation Marlin
    o INS32/64: Removed one bomb car and one SPG9 Technical from Hamas.
    o INS32: Lowered cache amount to 3, increased FR tickets to 650 (from 450).
    o INS64: Increased FR tickets from 550 to 650.
    o AAS32: Replaced APC BMP-2 with IFV BMP-2.
    o AAS64: Replaced T-72M1 with T-72S.

    • Operation Soul Rebel
    o Added COOP support.

    • Pavlovsk Bay
    o Fixed artillery.
    o AAS: Removed route 4, this is the layer with the 9 active flags in the bay.
    o AAS32: Added alternative layer with Militia and USMC with iron sights.

    • Qwai River
    o Updated grass and fields. Lowered grass and optimized performance of fields.
    o AAS: Added flag bleeding.
    o AAS16: Updated USA MK19 HMMWV to Support variant. Added MH6 helicopter to USA. Put spawntime of helicopters to 450s.
    o AAS32: Added new alternative layer with Canadian Forces.
    o AAS64: Updated one paratrooper PLA jeep for a WZ551a. UPdated one Uparmored MK19 for normal 50cal.

    • Ramiel
    o INS: Removed mosques, removed caches at western edge of map, added mortar shield for ARF base and added the ZU-23-2.
    o INS32: Added SPG.
    o INS64: Removed 1 US logistics truck.
    o AAS64: Removed one blackhawk and one non-respawning MH6. Increased tickets of ARF to 850 (+100). Replaced one support technical with a new logistics technical.

    • Saaremaa
    o AAS: Doubled ticket bleed. Added USMC Osprey on all layers but 16.

    • Sbeneh Outskirts
    o INS64: Lowered cache amount to 4 (from 5) and MEC tickets to 700 (from 800).
    o INS32: Lowered cache amount to 4 (from 5) and raised mec tickets to 650 (from 500).
    o INS32: Fixed the color of the surrounding terrain
    o Removed AAS16.
    o AAS64: Increased spawntime of MEC Shilka to 20m (from 15m) and made it spawn on each route. Made MEC Mi-17 not respawnable. Increased FSA tickets by 50.
    o Skirmish: Fixed rounds ending early

    • Shijia Valley
    o Removed Objective gamemode-layer until it can be refined.
    o Updated overgrowth in attempt to improve performance.

    • Silent Eagle
    o AAS16: Fixed artillery.
    o AAS32: This is now the old AAS64 from v1.3.9.
    o AAS64: Added new 64 layer. Regular mainbases are now the airbases with DODs. Removed the road-based spawn zones. Germans spawn with paradrop and take the airfield by airborne infantry. Asset layouts updated accordingly.

    • Tad Sae
    o AAS32/64: Increased US tickets by 50.

    • Ulyanovsk
    o Added combat area to border areas on all layers.
    o AAS16: Increased RU tickets by 50.

    • Vadso City
    o COOP128: Fixed spawnpoints for human players and re-added layer.
    o AAS: Increased ticket bleed. Increased combat zone around carrier.
    o AAS64:Replaced one GB Warrior with 20m delayed spawned Stormer AAV. Removed spawn delay of both BTR-80. Replaced Panther with normal Landrover jeep.
    o AAS32: Increased RUS tickets by 50, lowered GB by 50.

    • Wanda Shan
    o Heavy rework of entire map, including GPO's.

    • Xiangshan
    o AAS: Removed forward bases. Updated the assets that spawned by moving them to the mainbases. Added one transport truck for each team.
    o AAS32: Removed FR CAS. Updated this layer to have heavy APC, IFV and TOW vs Heavy IFV, light and heavy tank.
    o AAS64: Removed forward helicopter spawn for PLA. Updated assets to WZ551, WZ551b (delayed), WZ551a, 2 VN3 and 3 tanks vs 2 VBCI's, 2 VAB's, 2 tanks and 1 light tank. More small changes to spawn times.

    • Yamalia
    o AAS: Increased tickets of RU by 50.
    o AAS32/64: Replaced delayed BMP-2 with BMP-3.

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