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    PR:BF2 v1.4.10 Changelog (2017/May/19)

    • Fixed BUIS not working when having alternative key for change camera view assigned.
    • 修复视角切换时切换瞄具按键不管用的问题
    • Fixed FSA not requiring crates to deploy ATGM.
    • 修复叙利亚自由军不需要补给箱就能建TOW的BUG
    • Updated asset deployment code to make it easier to build on slopes.
    • 优化工事系统,使工事更容易建在斜坡上。
    • Added deployable DShK Tripod as anti-air emplacement to unconventional forces (Militia, Insurgents, Taliban, Hamas, ARF, FSA, NVA).
    • 为车臣、暴民、塔利班、哈马斯、黑叔叔、叙利亚自由军、越南人民军增加防空工事—德什卡重机枪(三脚架)
    • Fixed M60 bipod moving weirdly in 3p.
    • 修复第三人称视角看M60的脚架移动错位的问题
    • Fixed SA-7 having inverted faces on sight.
    • 修复使用SA7时人物模型的BUG
    • Fixed miniguns killing T90 too easily.
    • 修复M134很快打爆T90的BUG
    • Updated Vietnam M14 to be only single fire.
    • 美军的M14只有半自动模式
    • Updated engineer repair kit to no longer repair choppers.
    • 工兵维修直升机的时间变短
    • Updated engineer repair kit to take longer to repair vehicles.
    • 工兵维修车辆的时间变长
    • Updated handheld Stinger to have no zoom.
    • 毒刺瞄准时将不会放大

    • Added CAS CH146 armed with M134.
    • 增加武装型ch146(舱门机枪为m134)
    • Fixed BMP-3 cannon reload sound not synced with reload time.
    • 修复BMP3的装填声音和装填时间不同步的BUG
    • Fixed misaligned sights on Chinese Mi-17 door gunners.
    • 修复中国MI17的舱门机枪手视角错位的问题
    • Updated BMP-3 cannon to shoot at correct velocity.
    • BMP3的机炮将有正确的射速
    • Updated Stormer and Tunguska to fire at one missile per second.
    • 英军防空车和俄军通古斯卡导弹发射间隔为1秒
    • Updated Stormer driver to exit in back.
    • 英军防空车驾驶员可以从后面下车
    • Updated UH-60 flight physics to be more stable.
    • 修改UH60的气动模型,使其飞行时更稳定
    • Asad Khal阿萨德
    o Removed AAS16,
    o 移除inf规模
    o Added Skirmish 32.
    o 增加ski_alt规模
    o Increased undergrowth view distance to match map's view distance
    o 灌木丛的显示距离将和地图的视距相匹配

    • Battle of Ia Drang德浪河谷
    o AAS: Replaced NVA Camp hideout with rally point.
    o 越南的固定重生点全部更换为团队重生包。

    • Bijar Canyons比加尔峡谷
    o AAS/CNC32/64: Removed nonrespawn Merkava, removed delay on delayed Merkava.
    o 移除只刷新一次的梅卡瓦,移除梅卡瓦的开局刷新时间
    o CNC/AAS32: Removed 1 attack helicopter from each team.
    o 双方各移除1架武直

    • Black Gold黑金
    o AAS128: Removed early bleed flags.
    o lrg规模移除容易掉兵力值的旗点

    • Burning Sands燃烧沙漠
    o AAS64: Added second T-72s in place of BMP3. Replaced BMP-2M for BMP-2. Added BTR-60. Increased All AAVs respawn time to 20 minutes.
    o 中东的BMP3被替换成T72S,BMP2M被替换成BMP2,并增加1辆BTR60。所有防空载具刷新时间增加到20分钟。

    • Charlie's Point C点
    o General: Decreased View distance, Relocated ZPU too close to US main, Added base protection, Updated Dome of Death and Out of Bounds, Tweaked Undergrowth.
    o 降低地图视距,移动美军基地的ZPU-4,双方基地增加保护罩,增加红区死亡和边界线,调整灌木丛
    o AAS: new flag routes, added Area attack to all layers
    o 增加新的旗点路线,所有规模增加区域攻击
    o Added Skirmish 16
    o 增加ski_inf规模
    o Added AAS32 with alternative assets.
    o 增加alt规模

    • Kashan Desert喀山
    o General: Fixed a few misaligned objects.
    o 修复一些错位的建筑
    o AAS: changed flag route to include both Bunker flags in same group and pick either N/S Outpost/Village as last flags.
    o 旗点路线更改为中间拥有2个地堡的旗点,随机选择“Outpost”或“Village”作为美军和中东的最后一个旗点
    o AAS32: Replaced MEC BMP-2 with BMP-2M. Lowered all IFV respawn times to 10 minutes.
    o 中东的BMP2M被替换为BMP2,所有步战车的刷新时间降低到10分钟

    • Khamisiyah卡哈米
    o General: Fixed several terrain exploits.
    o 修复一些地形BUG
    o AAS16: Swapped the 3 Strykers for two uparmored Humvees and CROWS Humvee, added a trans truck to US, lowered MEC MTLB .50 spawn time to 10 mins.
    o 美军3辆斯特赖克替换2辆装甲悍马和1辆遥控悍马,并且增加1辆运兵卡。中东的.50小扁扁刷新时间降低为10分钟

    • Kokan
    o INS32: Replaced CH146 for CAS CH146.
    o 将CH146更换为武装型

    • Operation Archer射手行动
    o INS: Replaced one Taliban ammo techie for logi techie
    o 将1辆弹药车更换为补给皮卡
    o INS64: Removed nonrespawning Canadian light vehicles, removed spawn delays for Canadian light vehicles, all light vehicles spawn from start now.
    o 加拿大移除只刷新一次的车辆,移除一些车辆刷新点,所有车辆将开局刷新
    o INS32: Removed nonrespawning light vehicles and delayed vehicles, gave USMC two support Humvees, four up-armored .50 cal Humvees and one Mk19 Humvee instead.
    o 移除只刷新一次的载具,给美军载具配置为2辆运输悍马,4辆装甲悍马和1辆榴弹悍马
    o INS16: Removed CF ground vehicles, added x2 CAS CH146, x2 Chinooks and x1 CH146 for an air trans only layer.
    o 移除加拿大的地面车辆,增加2架武装型ch146,2架支奴干,1架ch146

    • Operation Marlin马林行动
    o AAS32: Added BMP2 and VBCI.
    o Alt规模增加BMP2和VBCI(法军重炮)

    • Ramiel雷米尔
    o General: Fixed main base becoming unspawnable.
    o 修复基地不能复活的问题
    o INS: Replaced Insurgent pick up kits with ARF pickup kits.
    o 将地上的暴民装备更换为黑叔叔的装备

    • Shijia Valley史家沟
    o AAS64: Added Scimitar to accompany Warriors against ZSL-92.
    o 英军增加弯刀侦察车

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